About Us

The Lion Fish Press is a small imprint with big ideas. Our desire is to work with authors in all genres but we are partial to Own Voices, LGBTQ+, and POC representation. Our mission is to find writers with exceptional storytelling skills who are telling fresh, exceptional stories. Our aim is to work with our signed authors, help them acquire and sharpen their skills, perfect their stories, with the ultimate goal being publication.

Our hope is to further assist our authors with marketing and provide social media guidance, as well as help them to find creative, fun, and affordable ways to get their books into the hands of potential readers. The Lion Fish Press aims to treat our authors as a family, holding their hands during their writing journey and not letting go as they step out into the world as a published author. Their success is our success.

We are not a “Pay-To-Publish” imprint. We require no investment from our authors. We offer competitive royalties as well as developmental editing, editing, proofreading services, and cover design. We prefer that our authors work closely with us through each step of the publishing process so that both their vision and our mission can be accomplished.

Signing with The Lion Fish Press is not a one-and-done process. We like to first speak with our potential authors at length about what is provided by both parties, what is expected from both parties, and the realistic expectations and time frames an author should have when publishing their book with us. Not every author can be a bestseller, but we are certain we can make you proud of the book(s) that we publish together. Unfortunately, we do not choose to sign most of the authors of the manuscripts we receive. However, a rejection is not a declaration that an author should give up on their dream–publishing with The Lion Fish Press was just not a good fit.

Authors retain their own copyright. We do not sign authors to “in perpetuity” contracts.

Please see our Contact Us and Submissions pages for further details.

Any inquiries can be directed to thelionfishpress@thelionfishpress.com