Chase Connor

Chase Connor spends his days writing about the people who live (loudly and rent-free) in his head when he’s not busy being enthusiastic about naps and Pad Thai. Chase started his writing career as a confused gay teen looking for an escape from reality. Ten years later, one of the books he wrote during those years, Just A Dumb Surfer Dude: A Gay Coming-of-Age Tale, was published independently. Now with The Lion Fish Press (and almost 20 books later), Chase has numerous projects in various stages of completion and lined up for publishing. He is the author of A SURPLUS OF LIGHT, THE GRAVITY OF NOTHING, the JACOB MICHAELS IS… SERIES, the JUST A SURFER DUDE SERIES, and many other books. He can be found on Twitter, his website, Amazon, via email, and Goodreads.

J.D. Wade

J.D. Wade has called the Pacific Northwest home for over 40 years, preferring the company of his partner, dogs, and trees over lots of people. Recently retired from the private sector, he’s been spending his free time honing his woodworking, cooking, and writing skills. His debut novel, THE ADVISOR, a political M/M romance set during the 2020 American presidential cycle, can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here. He also has two other M/M romance novels in development, one co-authored by Chase Connor. He can be reached via email. He has no social media presence and does not regret it at all. We’re working on him…

Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons is an LGBTQ+ fiction writer based in Dallas, Texas. His debut novel, LOOKING FOR AMERICA, will debut with The Lion Fish Press later in 2020 or in 2021. He can be found on Twitter or via email at

Thomas Allen

Thomas Allen (a.k.a. Allen T. St. Clair) will release his first full length novel, WORKING WONDERS, with The Lion Fish Press on January 15th, 2021. WORKING WONDERS is the first book in The Legend of the Keepers series. Fantasy, urban paranormal, mystery, with a large cast of engaging characters, paranormal creatures, and an epic storyline that traverses time and dimensions, all set in a fictional Texas town. THE DARKNESS WITHIN and TO RAISE THE DEAD are two of the planned sequels (already written). He can be reached on Twitter or via email at Working Wonders can be found on Amazon here.

Maren Morgan

Maren Morgan is slated to release her debut, ALL OF THE THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW, through The Lion Fish Press date TBD. An LGBTQ+ Young Adult Suspense/Thriller, her debut novel is sure to thrill and delight readers of all ages.

Will Butler

Will Butler is slated to release several LGBTQ+ Young Adult and New Adult books through The Lion Fish Press in 2022 and beyond!


Abby Rice is a cozy mystery writer who is slated to release THE CAT DIES ON PAGE TWELVE with The Lion Fish Press. Release date TBD.


P.J. Beale is a M/M Romance author who is slated to release STERLING (the first book in THE MEN OF SILAS BAY series) with The Lion Fish Press. Release date TBD.


Ace Jamerson is an LGBTQIA slice-of-life/romance author from the American Midwest who is slated to release A FIRECRACKER WISH with The Lion Fish Press in 2023. They can be found on Twitter here.